Thermo-reflective insulation

Thermo-reflective insulation


of the Sun in the living room or the office can be disturbing. Ventilation and air conditioning systems are the first thing to think about at a high temperature in our living environment.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems are effective in lowering the overall room temperature, but they do not help with spot heating and solar glare, which, as we all know, is very disturbing.

We present you with an excellent solution to these problems. Thermal or reflective foils are an upgrade of the usual architectural glass surfaces. They reduces the infiltration of heat, glare and harmful solar radiation.

- Roof windows
- Large glass surfaces
- Auto glass

In addition to its positive effects, the foils also offer an excellent decorative solution due to their attractive appearance. By using them, you can contribute to a more modern, technically perfected look of the structure, building or the means of transport.

In addition, their use in certain cases contributes to the energy efficiency of buildings.

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